Why Cryptocurrency Exchange Recommends Bitget

The bitget exchange was established in 2018. Many countries around the world use the Bitget Exchange. We would like to look at 3 reasons why we should choose Bitget among cryptocurrency exchanges.

1. Cryptocurrency Trading Volume

Bitget is the world’s fifth-largest exchange in terms of trading volume based on coin market cap derivatives.

bitget ranking in CoinMarketCap

In order for the gap in the asking price of the coin to be traded to not be large, the transaction volume must be large. If there’s not a lot of trading volume, the difference between the asking price and the asking price increases, so the price you bought is well above the price you can already sell.

So, the trading volume is at the top of the world, and you have to do an exchange that has some operational experience, not an exchange that just started.

2. Various Altcoins

On Bitget, 182 altcoins are currently available, excluding Bitcoin.

Altcoins in Bitget

Altcoins, which do not have a lot of trading volume, are dangerous. However, if you trade altcoins that do not, you can earn high profits by using transactions using issues or two-way trading using correlations with Bitcoin.

However, it is recommended to approach altcoin trading cautiously and in small quantities.

3. Payback of transaction fee

Other exchanges cannot receive back their transaction fees, officially or implicitly. However, Bitget does not impose sanctions separately. We also set up a year and a half ago to get the fee back, and we are still receiving it without any problems.

Even A year ago, we set up a sub-partner’s fee payback through the headquarters manager. However, sub-partners can now set up payback settings through the partner management system’s own menu without having to go through the headquarters manager.

Now let’s learn how to check and set up fee payback in Bitget.

1) Check for fee payback

By clicking the link below, you can access the Bitget Partner Management System.


If you are unable to log in with your Bitget ID by accessing the partner management system above, your ID is an ID that has not been reimbursed for fees. If you sign up through a link that offers a discount on fees, and you cannot log in to the partner system above, he link provider is deceiving you.

And any payback you could have received goes to the link provider. Please refer to the article below for more information on this.


2) How to set up fee payback

After all, you have to set up a fee refund through a place where you don’t cheat. And you have to check.

You can check the fee payback setting as soon as you sign up. Refer to the article below. And start trading after you’ve made sure you’ve got a fee payback setup.


It can be set with a clear fee payback ID through the BitGet Payback link below.


Even if you already have an ID, you can sign up with another email, and KYC certification is possible with three types: resident registration card, driver’s license, and passport, so other KYC certification is also possible.

Bitget partner management system

(If you create a Bitget ID through BitgetPayback, you can also see the partner system screen above.)

Bitgetpayback sets up a 50% fee payback for all subscribers through the link above. Even if you don’t send us the UID number, we check it every day and set it up within 24 hours.

We hope you will be able to complete the fee payback setup and increase your winning rate through official partner BitgetPayback on the trusted coin exchange Bitget.

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