Bitget trading fee 50% self payback setting

Is your Bitget transaction fee discounted?

Are you subject to 0.04% market price commission even though you signed up through an internet site called commission discount? And the link provider claims it’s a discount?

If so, you don’t get any commission benefits. In other words, you were deceived. The reason is that the fee benefit is not a discount, but a payback.

Trading fee confirmation screen in Bitget

Whether you sign up through a partner link or through the official website, the trading fee ratio is the same.

Watch the video below to find out about this

Therefore, you should not check whether the fee is discounted, but how much the fee is payback.

Check if the fee is being payback. We’ll tell you a simple way.

Click the Financial Records menu in the Bitget Assets menu.

bitget Rebaterewards, Payback USDT, Self-Referral

Check out Spot records at 11:00 p.m. the next day of trading on Bitget. If the rebate rewards are not confirmed as shown in the image above, you are not receiving a fee benefit.

These rebate rewards must be manually set up by the partner link provider.


We can set up a 50% payback of your transaction fee. This ratio is the highest we can set at the moment. By following the process below, you can also access the above partner management system to confirm the commission rate.

(Partner management site ID and password are the same as bitget ID and password.)

Follow the simple procedure below. 

1. Join the bitget official partner link below. (If you are registered, sign up with a different email address.)

Instead of signing up with a link, you can do it in the way below.

Reference code when signing up for membership in Bitget

Type ‘uoci’ in the Referral Code field. Then 50% self-payback setting is completed within 24 hours.

But, If you want to set it up faster, follow the procedure below.

2. Send the UID number to Bitgetpayback on Telegram

Find Bitgetpayback on Telegram

(If we receive a telegram message, we will complete the setting in 3 minutes.)

Finish these two procedures.

You can get 50% of the trading fee payback from now on. You can see the details of the refund to spot USDT in Spot records between 10 and 11 p.m. the day after your transaction.

Your winning rate will improve enough. I wish you a successful investment.

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