Bitget Future Trading Leverage a Transaction Fee Table

Why you need to know Bitget a transaction fee by leverage?

Bitget futures trading can leverage up to 125x. By the way, did you know how much commission applies to each leverage?

If you use more than twice the leverage, and you trade based on the Unrealized P/L or ROE% figure without calculating the fee, your assets may decrease.

Therefore, if you use leverage, you must know the fees for each leverage, and the fees for each leverage are shown in the table below.

Bitget futures leverage a transaction fee table.

1. Basic transaction fee table

The following is the basic commission table.

Bitget Future Trading Leverage Fee Table

Bitget has the same fees whether you sign up with the referral link, partner link, referral link, or through the official Bitget website.

Some sites offer a 50% discount on fees while providing links, but to be exact, it’s wrong.

If you’ve ever signed up with such a link, you’ve been cheated. The post below is a post to confirm it.

Bitget trading fee 50% self payback setting

2. self-referral(self-payback) transaction fee table

The following is the fee rate applied when setting up self-payback.

Bitget Future Trading Leverage Fee Table(self-referral)

The fee rate in the table above does not mean that the fee itself is 50% off. It is the commission rate calculated that 50% of the commission is refunded.

→ I’m making it clear because there are people who say it’s a fee discount, but they don’t set a fee payback, and they promote that the Taker fee of 0.04% is a 50% discounted fee rate.

Just signing up through a partner recommendation link does not set up the above fee payback. The fee payback settings must be set up on the partner management system by the official partner who is the link provider.

There is a basic fee payback starting at 40%, but BitgetPayback sets the maximum limit of 50%. You can check the subscription link below to receive 50% of the fee.

Bitget 20x Leverage Realization Profit and Loss Calculation

Let’s calculate the realization gains and losses from the actual example.

For example, let’s say you’re a person who didn’t set up a fee payback.

Buying Bitcoin Futures With 20X Leverage. The current ROE percentage is 0.83%. If I Sell Bitcoin In This Situation, Is It Profit? It’no.

20x Reverage Trading Fee

On the contrary, it will lose 0.77%. According to the table above, ROE must be at least 1.6% to make a profit

But if you have Self-Referral setting(Payback), you can make a profit.

20x Reverage Trading Fee (Self-Referral Setting)

Because the Futures commission rate is calculated as 0.80%. ROE% (0.83%) can be profitable because it exceeds 0.80% of the commission.

The formula for calculating realized profit or loss is as follows.

Transaction P/L = Unrealized P/L – Transaction Fee(open & close)

Bitget fee difference (1,000$ example)

The above trading was tested with little money. However, if the transaction amount becomes larger, the fee difference will be larger than you imagined.

For example, if you’re 20x leveraging 1,000$ to buy and sell on average 3 times a day for about 20 days in a month, What is the difference in fees between having a fee payback set and not having a fee?

Below is the fee calculation formula when fee payback is not set.

1,000$ * 1.6% = 16$ * 3 times = 48$ * 20days = 960$

Below is the calculation formula when 50% of the transaction fee is payback.

1,000$ * 0.8% = 8$ * 3 times = 24$ * 20days = 480$

The fee difference is 480$ which is about 50% of the principal. In other words, the above trading fee is a total of 960$ if the fee payback is not set.

How to Fee Payback.

As the transaction continues, the difference depending on whether the fee payback is set or not continues to increase.

To receive these benefits, you need to sign up through a reliable Bitget official partner. That way, you can get a clear fee payback setting.

Sign up link to receive 50% of Bitget fee payback

The link above is a trusted official BitGet Payback link. If you sign up through the link above, you will be able to payback 50% of the fee.

(If you already have an ID, you can sign up for a new ID through another email. Also, even if you have KYC certification, you can use a driver’s license, resident registration card, and passport number three, so you can use other means of authentication. If you have a lot of assets in your existing ID, you can transfer money to another new ID.)

When you sign up through the link above, we will automatically check and set Self-Referral(fee payback) within 24 hours.

If you want a faster setting, please send the UID number to the Telegram ID bitgetpayback.

BitgetPayback Telegram ID

If the message is confirmed, I will complete the setting within 3 minutes.

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