Bitget trading fee 50% self payback setting

Is your Bitget transaction fee discounted? Are you subject to 0.04% market price commission even though you signed up through an internet site called commission discount? And the link provider claims it’s a discount? If so, you don’t get any commission benefits. In other words, you were deceived. The reason is that the fee benefit … Read more

Bitget Trigger Order Method and Application Example

Characteristics of Limit Order and the Necessity of Trigger Order When trading coins on Bitget, there are times when you want to place a long order at a price higher than the current market price or a short order at a price lower than the current market price. This is especially relevant when you want … Read more

Why Cryptocurrency Exchange Recommends Bitget

The bitget exchange was established in 2018. Many countries around the world use the Bitget Exchange. We would like to look at 3 reasons why we should choose Bitget among cryptocurrency exchanges. 1. Cryptocurrency Trading Volume Bitget is the world’s fifth-largest exchange in terms of trading volume based on coin market cap derivatives. In order … Read more

Bitget Futures Unit Setting Guide (Quantity, Cost, Nominal Value)

What Are Quantity, Cost, and Nominal Value In Bitget Futures Unit Setting When you buy a coin in a Bitget futures trading, You can see that there are three ways to purchase through Bitget Futures Unit Setting. If you click on the USDT part above, you will see the Future Unit Setting screen windows below. … Read more

Bitget Future Trading Leverage a Transaction Fee Table

Why you need to know Bitget a transaction fee by leverage? Bitget futures trading can leverage up to 125x. By the way, did you know how much commission applies to each leverage? If you use more than twice the leverage, and you trade based on the Unrealized P/L or ROE% figure without calculating the fee, … Read more